NEW ALBUM: "The Beautiful Sin" coming soon...

Yes, all you Bible students know that original sin started with the Apple, and Eve is responsible for everything that went wrong after that (well, not really!)

But did you also know that there is an 8th Deadly Sin? Well there is, and it’s called ROCK AND ROLL

The first album from Joker, Thief & Knight catalogues THE BEAUTIFUL SIN that leads a rock band into temptation, and the purgatory they have to go through to pursue their dream of music and freedom.

MianBaoChe (Bread Van in Chinese) is a howl of protest against the discomfort, exploitation and abuse suffered by bands at the hands of music agents on the road in China

¡Baby Boom! is a plea for a last-minute blowout with a girl you’ve been lusting after, just before the Trump World War erupts and unleashes the Apocalypse

6:26 (pm) is the inevitable waiting for a girl - a girl who never showed, for it was George’s fate to escape his small town in Armenia for bigger things on the world stage. Obviously

Chicken Korma is a word of advice from the wise to wannabe rockers: Rock’n’roll is a sin, and karma is a bitch, so you’d better play it safe in life and stick with comfort food

Counting on Down Bringing Love exposes the tensions and contradictions of being a free-wheeling rocker, the ups and downs of a love life on the road - and it has a kickass slow blues interlude!

Pretty Yell!! is a punky shout out that sin isn’t all bad - quite the opposite when you find yourself screaming out with joy even as the rock’n’roll world is coming to an end

Cold Electric is jazzy meditation on the science of attraction, the magnetic energy that lovers exchange which, when it hits the right wavelength, brings us the ecstasy we crave - if only…

Beautiful Baiji is a little ray of hopefulness, like the sunshine after the smoky dark when you can breathe the fresh air and believe that, just as a young girl who died long ago could live on as a goddess, an animal thought extinct could still be swimming freely

The album cover is an original piece of fine art by Armenian artist Sevada Grigoryan

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