It was one of those nights when we ended up at the Korean barbecue after the gig. The beer and soju had been flowing, and when we finally staggered out into the alley it had been our intention to catch the Old Skool band’s last set at Clockwork bar. The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft agley...

The road was narrow and the night was pitch black as we made our way between the old-fashioned hovels, some of them only a single room to accommodate the whole family and the scooter. But when we turned a corner, suddenly we were not alone. A single, brilliant street lamp was cutting through the darkness, projecting our images onto the road metal with razor sharpness

It was too much for George. Out came the camera.

All right, lads...

If we all stand in line, we can make a pagan cross… with legs

OK, let’s make animal shapes

George, you look like a llama

OK, make guns with your hands

George is the llama, Dave is shooting the llama, and Andres is shooting Dave

Etc. Etc., for a midnight hour. By the time we got to Clockwork, Old Skool had packed up. But we had our trove of images, black and white, crystal clear shadows frozen under the fluorescent light.

Which opened up a whole new perspective on existence…

George - We caught our shadows and decided to capture the momentary art of it. Then we wanted people to experience the same thing for themselves at our Tap Planet gig, so we made a Shapes, Shadows & Shades theme night.

Andres - Shadows travel across light and darkness and never leave us. Under the light that defines colors and moods, we all project ourselves equally on a surface… but yet so distinctive and characteristic

Dave -- It’s like what the Germans call Dasein, being there. Do you exist? How’s your relationship with yourself? Meet your shadow.

Anyway, for the next gig in Tap Planet we shared the fun with everyone, laying down large sheets of paper so people could trace their unique shadows as a record of the time we shared.

#shadows #shadowart #streetart #jokerthiefknight #llama #blackandwhite #artofshadows #guns

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