Persephone was the beautiful daughter of Zeus, king of the gods, and Demeter, queen of the harvest. One day, while gathering spring flowers, she was abducted by Hades, god of the underworld, who arose in his chariot from a fissure in the ground. After Persephone disappeared, the crops withered and it became perpetual winter. But Zeus finally persuaded Hades to free her for half of every year, in the spring and summer seasons when flowers bloom and the earth bears fruit once more.

So it all began, as these things do, with a gig.

Yes, Thief Andres Romero should have taken his bass home before heading to the pub... but it was singer Tania's birthday, and the pull of the pints was too strong. The beers flew down, the evening wore on, and the party moved to the Club Tropicana where foreigners' drinks are free - so already we can figure out where things might have gone wrong. A taxi to the nightclub, dancing the night away, and suddenly Andresito realized that all was not in order. Where was his heavy backpack full of pedals and cords? Where was his Black Beauty bass? A frantic search, conducted to the pulse of house and trance, confirmed the unthinkable: the guitar had disappeared into the night. The taxi was in reality the chariot of Hades, with the God of the Underworld disguised as a shi fu (driver). But how could Joker, Thief & Knight get by without the Thief’s pulsating basslines?

And the next gig was in the morning.

The band awoke to tormented Wechat messages:

“Guys, I'm so sorry, I lost the bass, I feel so depressed…”

We all did.

“But I will fix it!” promised Andresito.

When George, Dave and dancer Hrant gathered at Laoban's for the gig, the atmosphere was unusually downbeat.

"Andres, where are you amigo?"

"I will be there."

At the venue the agent was bitching (surprise, surprise!) "How many are you? Where is Andres? Will he be late?" The sound check was just guitar and drums, and after they hustled us off the stage we waited on the street smoking nervously.

Then the taxi came.

Out stepped a new man. Still formally dressed in his St. Patrick's Day green, but now, with his psychedelic Groucho Marx glasses, visibly changed forever. Impatiently we rushed to the dolphin viewing platform to commune with the Beautiful Baiji and see what Andres’ new gig bag contained.

And out she came, Persephone, a gleaming new Yamaha 5-string in trademark Latino red, released by Hades so the harvest of music could go on.

Without further ado, George began the anointing ceremony, the official words solemnly intoned by Dave:

In my honorable capacity of Joker, by the grace of God and Her Majesty the Queen, I hereby confer upon you the title "Thief" and dub you with your own guitar, Persephone. Arise Lord Thief!

Persephone. This name has two meanings - for us at least - one Greek, one Latino-Greek.

In Greek it means the goddess of the Spring, when all of this took place.

In Latin, per se means “for yourself”, and Greek phone = sound

Persephone, the beautiful new 5-string bass…

Sound for You!

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