So this time, it wasn’t a gig. Well, it wasn’t a real gig. Well, it was, but the real gig would come later…

It started early in the morning at Laoban’s (Laoban, meaning “boss”, is the dear lady who furnishes our liquid gig refreshments from her stall opposite Macdonald’s). A mian bao che (bread van) pulled up, and out climbed Michello the pimp followed by his multi-national coterie of bee-hotches (sorry ladies, you know we don’t mean it!), then the band, throwing up their lunch-box fried rice, lurching towards Laoban’s stall to urgently rehydrate with the necessary fluids of beer and soju. And once the alcohol took its blissful effect, a impromptu jam broke out on the sidewalk, with kids, dogs, scooters etc. running at random through the crowd.

The day had begun...

Fast forward to Nanjing Normal University, once Jinling Ladies’ College, a revolution in educational gender equality that followed the collapse of the Chinese Empire. The iconic mock-Ming buildings and emerald green quadrangle are among the features that make the campus one of the most celebrated in China, and it was there that the instruments came out, the band started rocking, and all the students were dancing … until the Inspector of campus security decided enough was enough. Bad luck!

Never mind, lunch time was approaching so we regrouped at HQ, the Talking 2 bar where a pint is always a pound (10 RMB or a buck fitty to you - very manageable!) and down they started to go. The band was jamming out in the sunshine, the groupies were gyrating around the bread van, and suddenly the street party was in full swing.

But all too soon it was time to go...

To Lao men dong (the Old East Gate) of Confucius Temple, the Oxbridge University of the Ming Dynasty, where clerks from all over China came to take the government exam which could secure them a job, a pension and happiness for life. Oh, to have lived in the Middle Ages!

Or maybe not, because today hot, scantily-clad party goers were literally climbing the walls of the ancient city, filmed by a very 21 st Century drone, while the God of Thunder was doing backflips for the huge crowd, and JTK were beating out rock’n’roll to make the venerable wise man turn in his grave… That is, until the security guys arrived to warn us the police were on their way.

Well don’t say we didn’t try! On Saturday, April 13, we tried to give our music for free to the good citizens of Nanjing, and they were loving it … until the uniforms showed up (though no real police were anywhere to be seen). But what the hell - if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Back we piled into the bread van, popped some champagne, and in a minute we were at Clockwork bar for the real thing - a gig!

After that things soon got kinda fuzzy… but apparently everything was captured on film!


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