Joker, Thief and Knight are a genuinely international rock band, a truly global phenomenon, and pioneers of original rock music in China. More than just a band, JTK is a brotherhood of like~minded artists, passionate about Rock & Roll and determined to  break the dispiriting shackles of PriceTag and the Chinese commercial gig scene. Debut album The Beautiful Sin is their manifesto, a protest yet also a celebration of life on the road...

George Grigoryan (Joker - vocals, guitar) hails from Armenia, and is believed by many to be his country's most valuable export. George started with flamenco guitar before he could walk, but then made the inevitable transition to rock, and after sharpening his chops in the USA he finally brought rock'n'roll to China.

Andres Romero (Thief - bass) hails from La Paz, Bolivia (and how many people do YOU know from Bolivia?) Also academy trained on classical guitar, Andresito brings the big air and wide open spaces of the Andes Mountains to his
playing, so get ready for a truly cosmic experience!

Dave Davies (Knight - drums) started out on the German jazz scene, and drummed his way through the UK pop scene, the Canadian rock scene, and the American indie scene, before hitting the big time in China. He really hates it when people say drummers are just people who hang out with rock stars.

As well as being on the cutting edge of original rock music in China, Joker, Thief and Knight see life as art and performance as theatre. When not throwing shadows in the night, they like to accessorize their shows with circus - so you might just catch some acrobats and fire-eaters the next time they play. Watch this space!      


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