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August 20, 2017

So this time, it wasn’t a gig. Well, it wasn’t a real gig. Well, it was, but the real gig would come later…

It started early in the morning at Laoban’s (Laoban, meaning “boss”, is the dear lady who furnishes our liquid gig refreshments from her stall opposite Macdonald’s). A mian bao che (bread van) pulled up, and out climbed Michello the pimp followed by his multi-national coterie of bee-hotches (sorry ladies, you know we don’t mean it!), then the band, throwing up their lunch-box fried rice, lurching towards Laoban’s stall to urgently rehydrate with the necessary fluids of beer and soju. And once the alcohol took its b...

June 17, 2017

Well it was a gig, but one with a difference: a chance to play at Nanjing's premier live house, Ola, normally the exclusive territory of cool, edgy Chinese rock bands from all over the country. We made our way to the far end of Xuanwu Lake, not knowing what to expect. The club's entrance was hidden away in what seemed to be an underground parkade, the unmarked door (obviously the hallmark of cool these days) opening onto a metal stairway that drilled down towards the center of the Earth...

And then suddenly we were in Ola! Ola, with its mega-stage! Ola, with its theatrical lighting rig! Ola, with its sound desk manned...

April 21, 2017

“We’re a band, right?” “Right.” “So what do we need?” Despite the fog of soju, beer, and other things, the answer was self-evident. “We need an album!”

March 29, 2017

Yes, all you Bible students know that original sin started with the Apple, and Eve is responsible for everything that went wrong after that (well, not really!) But did you also know that there is an 8th Deadly Sin? Well there is, and it’s called ROCK AND ROLL The first album from Joker, Thief & Knight catalogues THE BEAUTIFUL SIN that leads a rock band into temptation, and the purgatory they have to go through to pursue their dream of music and freedom.

March 18, 2017

Yes, Thief Andres Romero should have taken his bass home before heading to the pub... but it was singer Tanya's birthday, and the pull of the pints was too strong. The beers flew down, the evening wore on, and the party moved to the Club Tropicana where foreigners' drinks are free - so already we can figure out where things might have gone wrong.

March 16, 2017

And that was the gig - a handful of songs to show our white(-ish) faces and impress the newly-rich customers of the real estate company. As usual, there was a lot of hanging around, smoking, waiting. So since it was a good spring day and the sun was out, we crossed the street to check out the power station museum, stand on the gantry and get high looking across the river, joined by our lovely featuring singer Kate Soul. Out in mid stream, an endless flow of barges. Closer in, the ferry cut through the flat water. Then…

March 11, 2017

It was one of those nights when we ended up at the Korean barbecue after the gig. The beer and soju had been flowing, and when we finally staggered out into the alley it had been our intention to catch the Old Skool band’s last set at Clockwork bar. But best laid plans ae mice an men gang aft aglay… The road was narrow and the night was pitch black as we made our way between the old-fashioned hovels, some of them only a single room to accommodate the whole family and the scooter. But when we turned a corner, suddenly we were not alone. A single, brilliant street lamp was cutting through the darkness, projecting our ima...

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